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We specialize in providing top-tier talented professionals in Administrative, Accounting, Campus Operations, and Security Services to the higher education industry.

We have multiple years of experience attracting talented professionals for The University of California education system and two decades of experience in the corporate and contingent staffing industry. We thoroughly understand the challenges faced by universities and colleges attracting top tier talent. The right talent and opportunity can make all the difference in your organization’s success, and we are passionate about finding the right match for every assignment and position.

Administrative Professionals

⦁ Receptionist/Front Desk
⦁ Administrative Assistant (2-4 years of experience)
⦁ Senior Administrative Assistant (5-8 years of experience)
⦁ Executive Administrative Assistant (9-10 years of experience)

Accounting Professionals

⦁ Accounting/Payroll Clerks (A/P & A/R)
⦁ Staff Accountants
⦁ Grant/Fund Accountants
⦁ Entry-level data entry clerks

Campus Operations Professionals

⦁ Light maintenance workers
⦁ Grounds Keeping
⦁ Janitorial
⦁ Dining/Catering professionals

Security Guards Professionals

⦁ Parking Attendants
⦁ Security Attendants
⦁ Patrol Attendants

Staffing Strategies

What is Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, Build a Talent Pipeline?

Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, or Build a Talent Pipeline are the three different approaches that an organization can take to staff their organization.

Direct Hire

This approach is where an organization brings in an outside hire to permanently fill a staffing need.  This is the most traditional staffing approach and one that most hiring managers think of first. 

Temp to Hire

This approach is a temporary measure where an organization fulfills their needs with a consultant. The position may have a potential for permeate hire opportunity.

Build a Talent Pipeline

 Building a talent pipeline focuses on hiring entry-level or inexperienced staff and “upskilling” or working entry-level candidates to expand their skill sets.

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